Macro Photography

The power of magnification

Macro photography allows to discover a new world with virtually endless possibilities. It's all about shooting small things and showing these things larger than life. With a macro lens, it becomes possible to sit directly beside a spider and look in its eight eyes.

There are a number of macro subjects available, but as you may guess, animals with six or eight legs are my prefered subjects. Insects and spiders are often disliked by human. Bees are taken for granted. But what we human often forget: These little creatures are essential for all life to survive on this planet.

With my photography, I want to raise awarenes for the smallest among us. Next time you want to kill a wasp or a bee because you are scared of it... think about the importance of these animals. They deserve our full respect.

My Macro Shooting Equipment and shooting technique

Most of my macro photos are taken with my iPhone. I'm using a high quality glass macro lens. Smartphone macro photography is not very easy. The focal length of the macro lens is 10mm. Within this distance, you can only get sharp photos by moving the phone forward and backward. 99% of all shots going directly in to the trash bin.

Some of the photos were taken with a DSLR and a 100mm macro lens.


The photos are mainly taken in Singapore and Switzerland. The animals were found in the wild or they visited me at home. No animal was captured and/or harmed.

Latest Macro Gallery

Updated: October 2, 2020

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